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First Boner

What should you do?

Frat Bro

"Lay back. Play it cool, bro. Don't act so desperate."

Liberal Fucktard

"Just follow your heart! Be yourself! Be confident!"

Annoying Cunt

"Don't be a douchebag. Listen to her and be sensitive to her needs."

Mystery Pickup Artist

"Neg her! Use social proof. Demonstrate higher value."


Relationship advice is so confusing and contradictory. Nobody can give you a straight fucking answer. You're so worried about making a bad decision that you refuse to make any decision. No wonder you're on prescription meds and have chronic insecurity. No wonder you're obsessed with looking like Captain America. No wonder you're ruled by how you feel. And no wonder your social skills are in the toilet.

Let's be honest. You dread talking to girls— either you're too shy to strike up a conversation, or you end up wasting time at bars and clubs tolerating loud music, pretending to be interested in what some ditzy bitch has to say.

You couldn't give 2 fucks about this world...

Like most guys, you feel stuck in a never-ending downward shit-spiral of social anxiety and sexual frustration... We know how you feel because we're all stuck in the same social sewer... but with one major difference:

We've cut through the bullshit for you!

Manhood Academy is the only accredited worldwide social training center in existence today. It's specifically designed to rescue helpless fucks like you.

You want to talk to that girl? You want to make new friends in your classes? You want to stop feeling like a social pariah at work? You want to stand up to that bitch? You want to fuck a girl you actually care about? You want to get people to like you? You want to learn how to really open up and say what you're thinking?

This our mission!

Manhood Academy is designed to UNFUCK your existence. That means developing practical social skills— the ones that your friends, parents, and society neglected to teach you. You're going to get a politically incorrect, brutally honest, experience-tested crash course in relationship management that actually works. And best of all— it's ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Look, if you need a helping hand implementing the relationship principles taught here, we are committed to training you. But even if you can't afford 69 cents per day, we'll still give you a 100% FREE education on our dime! That's how dedicated we are to helping men around the world succeed!

No other institution on the planet can make such a bold claim!

Everything Burns

Whether it's fingering a slut in the backseat of a Honda Civic on your first date, or getting that shy Korean nerd sitting next to you in Hebrew class to open his mouth, or dealing with that bitch at your job, or saving your wife from ending up on the business end of your neighbor's comforting dong, or addressing your girlfriend's shitty behavior without having to shove her head through a plate glass window, or preventing your fantasy of shooting your nagging mom in the face from becoming a reality, or learning how to motivate your drunken, suicidal Chinese iPod factory employees, or just standing up for yourself in a culture that sneers down at men, our goal is to set the world on fire, starting with your tender ass.

I know what you're thinking. Your buddies Mystery & Style are gonna save you with their magical pickup artist game.


Here's your bullshit superheros in REAL LIFE:

Cocaine Cat

And here's the rest of their buddies in action:

Do we even need to mention how shitty "life coaches" are? Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield love peddling "stay positive! reach for the stars!" feel-good strategies. They'll tell you to "not filter your current relationships through the past" and to "use your partner to trigger that awakening inside yourself!" They might even give you some practical tips like maintaining good eye contact. But without a holistic understanding of relationships, talking to people degrades into a complex exercise of not offending the other person and desperately looking for things in common. Instead of getting what you need, you end up settling for watered down chit-chat. After their con game wears off, you're still the same insecure, neurotic faggot you started as. Only now you're better at hiding it.

We're going to save you a lot of time, money, heartache, and masturbation. Our job isn't done until you have the ability to form relationships with everyone you meet. We're not just here to give you a handjob or a few social tips. We actually demonstrate what does and doesn't work, so you gain a firsthand understanding of what it really takes to create and maintain a relationship that meets your needs.

Start by grabbing our free ebook. It illustrates the governing principles you'll see at work in all good relationships. If you've ever wanted to know what people think about you when they talk to you, or why you always end up in the Friendzone, or what you can do to UNFUCK your neurotic mind when you walk into a room full of people, this book is for you.

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